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Sandwich Massage


A sandwich massage just like the name suggests involves a massage where two pairs of hands work in synchronization to please and pleasure you immensely. The best part about this massage is that the moves of all four hands are marvelously synchronized and the massage taker will never come to know that there are two different females carrying on with the massage therapy. This massage is one of the most relaxing massages out there that keeps heated passion and excitement at its peak with our doorstep body to body spa service.


The highly attractive and skilled massage experts at Nudotouch Spa and Masseuse services perform doorstep body to body spa service while taking the body of the person as a canvas and run their hands with varying speeds and pressures. Their moves are choreographed in such a way that each of the moves will give them details about your body. They make sure to fondle and rub against all your pleasure points to bring out the maximum level of exhilaration and sexual fulfillment.

At Nudotouch we do doorstep body to body spa service present the best sandwich massages that will keep your senses stimulated while activating and enhancing your sex drive and desire. Feel free to fulfill all your carnal desires for sex and all that it entails by joining in with our graceful yet bold masseuse who will cater to all your sexual fantasies. Join us for a fun and fulfilling experience and trust me you are in safe and capable hands that weave magic with their erotic feminine touch which will make you shiver and quiver with excitement.



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